Our Projects

These are past projects or projects we are still running in the wood. Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about a project!

Kew Gardens Project

Wormery workshop – wakehurst Kew Gardens

Hosted by Little Forest School, listen to the tale of Superworm, cook up some mud pies and create your own wormery or treasure game to take home with you.

In this workshop, listen to the story of Superworm told by Little Forest School and meet some of the minibeasts that live in our woodlands and gardens at Wakehurst.

You’ll learn some super worm facts and create a ‘grunting stick’ to charm the worms from the mud. Once found, you will use mud, leaves, grass and sawdust to feed the worms and create your own wormery to take home with you and enjoy a holiday…don’t forget to let the worm go back into nature to help your plants grow.

Don’t forget to get messy in the mud kitchen equipment and see if you can sort man-made objects from natural in our Treasure from Trash activity.

Kew Gardens – Wakehurst

Dementia Groups

Run by Buxted Medical Centre, in partnership with the local Clinical Commissioning Group, mental health trust, voluntary organisations, county council and the surrounding community.

An innovative model of intervention delivered in primary care and the community.

Aimed at addressing gaps in the care pathway for people with dementia.

The ‘Golden Ticket’ endeavours to improve quality of life for the whole dementia journey, supporting the patient and carer.

Little Forest School hosted ”Golden Ticket”” People living with dementia and there partner/caregiver came along weekly for an walk, foraging, cooking over the fire or crafting in the cosy barn. We made nettle crisp, built dens and made memories. It was a safe place for the group to come and meet up for coffee and cake after the session.

Golden Ticket

Intergenrational Forest school Project

An Intergenerational Forest School course with a twist ‘’rhyming renegades’’

An intergenerational fortnightly immersion in nature/forest school programme taking place at Wilderness Woods . The project seeks to reduce isolation and promote community for all members, meeting in the wilderness for adventure, music, bushcraft around a fire and making friendships.

The pilot project was described as creating a family type environment with all generations benefitting. Some parents said their families lived far away and they really enjoyed the intergenerational contact, getting to know other parents and seeing their children flourish as they adventure in nature. Older people said they loved getting outside and that spending time with children and younger people made them feel younger. That they had something to look forward to and that the activities were exciting.

video of project

Adult Learning

We run a Adult days out in the Wilderness to tailor to your group. We have had as many as 100 adults roaming around the wood and enjoying lunch cooked over the Fire. We have lovely local produce from Isfield farm shop.

Days out have included NHS Team, BUPA team and many teachers from Iceland visiting us (they have even camped the night at wilderness wood) Teachers from local schools and Mothers fire and Dangerous Dads days.

We have been offering bespoke days out for adults for over 13 years now and have lots of experienced leaders  Please get in touch for more details.

Festivals and Events

We love Festivals and Events….

We have run christmas Craft events around sussex. Festival art installations and clay bug art workshops. Our Famous Easter Bunny Hunt, thats interactive and kind to nature and educational with a hint of chocolate!  We also run seasonal family workshops that run in the holiday and half terms go to the whats on page