• 20/08/2024
    10:30 am - 1:00 pm

A chance to spend some family time in the woods together…

Build a shelter ready to survive the wind and rain, light a campfire and enjoy cooking our lunch over the fire….Adult to accompany child/dren and join the adventure! The activities will be led by Claire, a qualified Forest School Leader who works both in the woodlands and a year two teacher by day.

Lighting a communal fire and have a go at the 60 seconds fire challenge…. If you can independently light your own fire you can do this by your den, if you can’t we will have our communal fire going for you to sit around and cook!

Lunch menu: Please can everyone bring  chipolata sauasages/vegetarian sausages, bread roll, and a picnic lunch/bottle water. Ketchup is a must….

Pudding: Sticky toffee fire cooked APPLES! Please bring an apple one per child/adult

Children 3+  years plus (adult free and  to accompany child/ren)  Ticket for children adults free

For more information about wilderness woods and what you can do at the woods after the workshop, from what you can eat to the trail please visit wilderness woods

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